Quote of the week

A poem compresses much in a small space and adds music, this heightening it meaning. The city is like poetry it compress all life, all races and breeds into a small island and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines.

– E.B. White on NYC


Will Self: Walking is political

The Stoic philosopher Epicurus maintained that free will was only an illusory sense we experience when the actions necessitated for us by circumstance fortuitously coincide with what we happen to want – it’s my belief that this perfectly characterises the psychotic spatial awareness of the vast majority of contemporary urban dwellers; while the existential threats afflicting women, and the state-sanctioned ones that impinge, in particular, on young black men in British cities, have been internalised even by those – the white, the middle-aged and the middle class – who have no reason to be so trammelled.

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Source : The Guardian


Coca-Cola in Africa

But Coca-Cola’s strategy goes deeper than the coat of red and white paint. The corporation is responsible for sales infrastructure, supplying signs, ice boxes, refrigerators (if electricity is available) and bottle openers. It encourages owners to pair the beverage with local snacks to create “combo meals.” It helps — usually just a man with a push-cart — make their routes more efficient. It teaches business skills and promotes entrepreneurship.

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Source : Polis

Berlin off the road for the BMW-Guggenheim-Lab “Urban Impressions

Come talk about individual and collective comfort in an urban laboratory funded by multinationals when their quality of life is found jeopardized by an aggressive capitalism appears to be fairly … inappropiate.

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