CR 67 – My top 5 books of 2013

My top five books read last year in no particular order. Please share your top books of the year.


Locke 14 by Georges Simenon

The lady in the lake by Raymond Chandler

The Zimmerman Telegram  by Barbara W. Tuchman

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Robert Macfarlane

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino


Photo-Realistic Tokyo Model Braces a Highrise Dream

“This means putting all urban eggs in one “super high-rise” basket (offices at the top so that executives can feel powerful, residences below for proximity to green space).”

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Source : Polis

Documenting Egypt’s Abandoned Palaces

“Does the Arab Spring and new political developments play a role in your images?My project was possible because of the stagnation in Egypt, which prevented the palaces from being redeveloped. Revolution has given this project more value, as it is uncertain whether the palaces will be preserved by the new government.”

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Source : Polis

The Architect Has No Clothes

“The phenomenon of “architectural myopia” may also explain the repeated mistakes that architects make in fashioning built environments for others, which turn out to be woefully unsuccessful in what may seem obvious ways to laypeople. Lastly, “architectural myopia” explains the often-disastrous attempts that architects have made to fashion urban schemes for entire neighborhoods and cities.”

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Source : Guernica Magazine