Perpetual warfare

“Much has been written about the role of social networks in powering the uprisings, and new media were undoubtedly an important factor. But, to an extent that has not been appreciated, the Arab protest movements emerged as an unintended consequence of western weakness. The demand for change had a specific cause: the steep rise in food prices that was produced by the liquidity released by Ben Bernanke”

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Source : New Statesmen


Steve Fuller: it’s time for Humanity 2.0

“it’ll start to be bimodal distribution – some people will live beyond 100 and there’ll be a large number of people who die under the age of 70. And that won’t be because of some government mandate, that will be because people will definitely take advantage of the enhancements on offer, but others won’t have those choices open to them.”

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Source : The guardian

What the NYPD Really Thinks of Occupy Wall Street

“I found John de Clef Piñeiro, a former high-ranking New York Housing Authority official, standing on the steps of Zuccotti Park in a sharp pinstriped suit and holding a large sign directed at the men in blue. “Your pay, job security, and pensions are at risk, just like ours,” it said. “We are not the enemy.” Piñeiro told me he’d been to the park four times with the sign. “

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Source :Mother Jones

The Architect Has No Clothes

“The phenomenon of “architectural myopia” may also explain the repeated mistakes that architects make in fashioning built environments for others, which turn out to be woefully unsuccessful in what may seem obvious ways to laypeople. Lastly, “architectural myopia” explains the often-disastrous attempts that architects have made to fashion urban schemes for entire neighborhoods and cities.”

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Source : Guernica Magazine

How lack of transparency enables police brutality

“And that rate conceals the fact that officers involved in a credible case of excessive force which resulted in a fatality are rarely charged with murder. If that were so, in every case, then the rate would more than quadruple, to 24.51 per 100,000.”

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Source : The Guardian