‘Virginity tests’ on Egypt protesters are illegal, says judge

Egyptian academic and columnist Amira Nowaira gave a cautious welcome to the ruling. Speaking from Alexandria she said: “Nobody had heard of the virginity tests before so it is good a court has said they cannot be used. People should be prosecuted but it’s going to be hard, even assigning blame will be difficult. Who is ultimately responsible?”

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Source : The Guardian


Image of unknown woman beaten by Egypt’s military echoes around world

Until 25 January. The Revolution happened and with it came the Age of Chivalry. One of the most noted aspects of behaviour in the streets and squares of the 18 days of the Egyptian Revolution was the total absence of harassment. Women were suddenly free; free to walk alone, to talk to strangers, to cover or uncover, to smoke to laugh to cry to sleep. And the job of every single male present was to facilitate, to protect, to help. The Ethics of the Square, we called it.

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Source : Guardian

Documenting Egypt’s Abandoned Palaces

“Does the Arab Spring and new political developments play a role in your images?My project was possible because of the stagnation in Egypt, which prevented the palaces from being redeveloped. Revolution has given this project more value, as it is uncertain whether the palaces will be preserved by the new government.”

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Source : Polis

On the Streets of Alexandria, Egypt

Yet the atmosphere in the city is tense. There is hope, but also frustration in the air. The political situation is uncertain, and the unemployment rate high. Private parks have opened. The governor’s office has been razed. Street vendors are no longer harassed by the police. People talk about politics in public. Taking part in this discussion at this time is something

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Source : Polis