Inside Forbes: The Inspiring Data Behind Two Digital Reporting Strategies

“What works best on the Web, short or long-form journalism? The monthly audience statistics for two accomplished FORBES reporters prove that online news consumers crave both. They devour brief and timely information and seek out the in-depth coverage that news stalwarts feared would disappear in the digital age.”

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Source : Forbes


Untangling the web: attention

Our consciousness is so subjective that our own experience of sentience is all we have to rely on to tell us that we exist. Any apparent modification of this – or even the possibility of something that might affect it negatively – challenges us to face who and what we are. And so, as Bell pointed out in parliament, new technologies get to the very heart of us. How we adapt to the new thing reminds us of our limitations as human beings.

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It’s important to separate the web and technology from the way that we use it. Our literacy around technology is very limited so we use it like a hammer instead of a chisel. The web has only been main stream for the last 10 years. Such a short period of time to judge the effects and the value of something. Humans are addictive, just look at alcohol, drugs, smoking all bad for us and yet it as taken hundreds of years for us to adapt to a somewhat more moderate use of all of them. In small dosses that can all be great for us, just like the web.


Source : The guardian