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An individual who has to make things for the use of others, and with reference to their wants and their wishes, does not work with interest, and consequently cannot put into his work what is best in him.

– Oscar Wilde


Multitasking: Switching costs

Although switch costs may be relatively small, sometimes just a few tenths of a second per switch, they can add up to large amounts when people switch repeatedly back and forth between tasks. Thus, multitasking may seem efficient on the surface but may actually take more time in the end and involve more error. Meyer has said that even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time.

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Source : APA

Time management sustain your soul

When we imagine a better life, it tends to be one in which there are simply far fewer stretches of time devoted to any one thing in particular. The opposite of work is a category, relatively new in history, that we are calling “free time”, a period cherished for the very fact that it contains no appointments whatsoever.

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Source : The Guardian

Income Inequality Is Real, It’s Global, and It’s Worst in the U.S.

Foreign 1 percenters are certainly not dense. They would be delighted to collect the type of capital gains that their American counterparts do. It’s just that the rules in their countries don’t allow it.

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Source : The Atlantic